A Service for all Dogs, Especially the Fearful ones!

Walkie Doggie is the newest insured and licensed dog walking service provider located at the heart of Vancouver. We travel to your place to provide fun and refreshing walks for your pups between their count downs for your return! What makes Walkie Doggie unique and different is that we not only provide walking service to all your pups, but we also have specialized walks prepared for just for the shy ones!

⇒ our philosophy with fearful dogs

Our Services

Group Walk

$30 per Hour
( Max 3 dogs )

  • Valid Vancouver City Licence
  • Up to date with vaccinations
  • Neutered / Spayed

Walkie Doggie only offers small group walk maximum of 3, so your pup will get more attention from us every walk!
We group your pups of similar temperament, play styles and sizes, therefore your pups will get the best experience with us!

Solo Walk

$35 per Hour
( Best for the shy ones! )

  • Valid Vancouver City Licence
  • Up to date with vaccinations

Worried the group walks might be too overwhelming for your pup? Does your pup have special needs? Walkie Doggie got you covered! Your pup will get individual attention on our solo walks!
We will work at your pup’s level, slowly challenge them out of their comfort zone!

We will work at your pup’s level, slowly challenge them out of their comfort zone!

Might require multiple sessions with parents.

⇒ Fearful, shy dogs adapt better with their owners around; therefore, Walkie Doggie strongly recommends a few sessions with the parents first.

Minimum 2 walks a week.

⇒ Because fearful, shy dogs can take up longer time to open themselves up to others, Walkie Doggie requires minimum of 2 walks a week to stay connected with your pup!

Meeting new stimuli (that’s us!) may be a very stressful experience for your pups, which might be even more tiring than a walk around the neighbourhood. Therefore, we would start of a couple of getting to know you sessions before the start of our adventures. This may include some at home sessions or a walk with the pup’s family - something that your pup may feel familiar and safe in, so we can earn their trust. We understand your pup’s need to stay within their comfort zones, but we also encourage them to challenge their limit as they gain confidence. Slowly but surely, we will all be enjoying our ventures out in the world!

Jane & Beleen

Jane Chiang is the new up and coming professional dog walker in your neighbourhood, Vancouver, BC. She is a well qualified walker with the certification from dog* tec Walking Academy and a holder of the pet first aid certification from DOGSAFE. In addition to these certifications, Jane is also apprenticing for Erin Moore, a trainer and owner for Pawsitive Connection Dog Training & Services. With these qualifications, you know your pooches will not only enjoy their relaxing and refreshing walks with Jane, they will also be in good hands. Jane decided to enter this profession because of Beleen, her adopted rescue dog with an extremely shy and fearful temperament. Meeting a dog with this type of temperament was a first, and a struggle for Jane, as connecting with a dog who doesn’t trust humans easily proves highly difficult. However, after trying positive reinforcement training, their relationship started to change.

Although Beleen is still fearful, she is completely different! She is now a dog who loves to roam freely in the forest trails. Even though positive reinforcement may take up longer time to train your pooches, it is without a doubt that positive reinforcement is the method that you and your pooches will enjoy the most! Jane’s goal in the doggie industry is to find and help out other fearful dogs like Beleen, and to pass on her knowledge to owners who are having trouble understanding what their pooches want!

Besides spending time with dogs, Jane is also a freelance artist who uses other people’s pooches as her subjects. Jane often draws to raise donations for shelters and other organizations. She also enjoys sharing her funny and successful stories of Beleen on social medias for you to enjoy!

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